About Us

KK Hair Co., a leading hair agency specializing in natural lived-in color and style, was founded in 2017 by Katrina Kruse in Vero Beach, Florida.

Our salon houses Vero Beach’s most innovative and trend setting hair stylists, estheticians, and make-up artists. Each stylist specializes in their own niche market, offering a truly personalized service to clients.

KK Hair Co. believes all people should feel as good as they look. We set out to not only provide clients with outstanding salon service but to create a long term relationship, one where we grow together and provide our clients with the knowledge and tools to continue to feel beautiful outside of our space.

Meet the Team

Kat Kruse | Kat Kruse Hair | Vero Beach, FL


Kat began her journey as a stylist in 2009. After interning at a prestigious beachside salon, she ventured to a high volume and high-paced salon floor of a corporate company.

In 2017, Kat opened up her own space at Sola Salon and became the proud owner of Kat Kruse Hair. With a thirst for knowledge and a tenacious desire to perfect her craft, she continues to expand her skills and the boundaries of style.

With the belief that all people should feel as good as they look, she specializes in natural lived-in color and cuts for women.
When Kat is not out enjoying the Florida sunshine, she can be found at Kat Kruse Hair Salon, educating herself and others in Health and Beauty.

Insta: @katkrusehair


Val is the sweetest babe you’ll ever meet! She has been a stylist since 2006 and has racked up some incredible experiences! From her very first internship in a prominent Fort Lauderdale salon to Theater styling for Florida Grand Opera, working on sets of independent films, and even managing for a corporate salon this babe has done it all! After taking some time off to be an amazing mom, Val joined KK Hair Co. to get back into the industry. We couldn’t be happier to have this creative lady on our team!

Insta: @hairbyvaleri

Val | Kat Kruse Hair | Vero Beach, FL
Calli | Kat Kruse Hair | Vero Beach, FL


Calli Swarts is a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist. Calli has 7+ years of experience in skincare and makeup! She’s very passionate about helping her clients achieve healthy, glowing skin through a customized treatment plan consisting of both professional treatments and homecare. Calli believes in empowering her clients by educating them about their unique skin type and condition and teaching them how to care for it in the best way possible. Calli’s skin philosophy falls somewhere in between clinical and experiential, so you get the best of both worlds – treatments that are results oriented and relaxing.